Emiliano Tramontana
Selected Research Papers

Assistance Categorisation Knowledge P2P Search A. Di Stefano, G. Pappalardo, C. Santoro, E. Tramontana.
SHARK, a Multi-Agent System to Support Document Sharing and Promote Collaboration Proceedings IEEE Hot P2P. Volendam, Holland. October 8, 2004 skark.pdf
Concerns Contexts Coordination Reflection Specification A. Di Stefano, G. Pappalardo, C. Santoro, E. Tramontana.
Enforcing Agent Communication Laws by means of a Reflective Framework Proceedings ACM SAC. Nicosia, Cyprus. March 14-17, 2004 enforcing.pdf
Assistants Reflection User-profile Web A. Di Stefano, G. Pappalardo, C. Santoro, E. Tramontana
A Multi-Agent Reflective Architecture for User Assistance and Its Application to E-Commerce. Proceedings CIA. M. Klusch, S. Ossowski and O. Shehory, editors, volume 2446 LNAI. Springer-Verlag. Madrid, Spain. September 18-20, 2002 multiagent.pdf Bibtex
Architecture Assistance Evolution Reflection Web A. Di Stefano, G. Pappalardo, C. Santoro, E. Tramontana.
Extending Applications using Reflective Assistant Agents Proceedings IEEE Compsac. Oxford, England. August 26-29, 2002 extending.pdf Bibtex

Communication Distribution Reflective-Grid E. Tramontana, I. Welch.
Reflection on Programming with Grid Toolkits Proceedings ECOOP workshop RAM-SE. Oslo, Norway. June 14-18, 2004
Globus Gridify Profiling Reflection Reservation A. Di Stefano, M. Fargetta, G. Pappalardo, E. Tramontana.
STREGA: A Support for Transparently Handling Resources for Grid Applications Proceedings IEEE WETICE. Modena, Italy. June 14-16, 2004 strega.pdf Bibtex

Type-compatibility Client-Server Online-changes Upgrade M. Milazzo, G. Pappalardo, E. Tramontana, G. Ursino.
Handling Run-Time Updates in Distributed Applications Proceedings ACM SAC Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. March 13-17, 2005 runtime.pdf
Faults Modified-JVM Selective-Reflection A. Di Stefano, M. Fargetta, E. Tramontana.
Computational Reflection for Embedded Java Systems Proceedings OTM workshop JTRES. R. Meersman, Z. Tari and D. Schmidt, editors, volume 2889 LNCS. Springer-Verlag. Catania, Italy. November 4-7, 2003 embedded.pdf Bibtex
Architecture Bytecode-transformation Evolution A. Di Stefano, G. Pappalardo, E. Tramontana.
Introducing Distribution into Applications: a Reflective Approach for Transparency and Dynamic Fine-Grained Object Allocation Proceedings IEEE ISCC. Taormina, Italy. July 1-4, 2002 introducing.pdf Bibtex
Concern Metric Synchronisation Transparency E. Tramontana.
Managing Evolution Using Cooperative Designs and a Reflective Architecture W. Cazzola, R. J. Stroud and F. Tisato, editors, Reflection and Software Engineering, volume 1826 LNCS. Springer-Verlag. June, 2000 managing.pdf Bibtex