12th European Conference on Artificial Life

September 2-6 2013, Taormina, Italy

Designing, Programming, Evolving, Simulation and Synthesis of Natural and Artificial Living Systems
"What is Life?", Erwin Schrödinger.
Researchers are invited to submit their original work in one of the following tracks:

  1. ECAL Manuscripts - General Track
  2. Track on Adaptive Hardware & Systems and Bioelectronics
  3. Track on Adaptive Living Material Technologies & Biomimetic Microsystems
  4. Track on Artificial Immune, Neural and Endocrine Systems
  5. Track on Artificial Immune Systems - ICARIS
  6. Track on Bioinspired Learning and Optimization
  7. Track on Bioinspired Robotics
  8. Track on Biologically Inspired Engineering
  9. Track on Evolvable Hardware, Evolutionary Electronics & BioChips
  10. Track on Foundations of Complex Systems and Biological Complexity
  11. Track on Mathematical Models for the Living Systems and Life Sciences
  12. Track on Music and the Origins and Evolution of Language
  13. Track on Programmable Nanomaterials
  14. Track on Synthetic and Systems Biochemistry and Biological Control
  15. Track on The Sciences of the Artificial for Economics, Finance and Market Design
  16. Late Breaking Papers/Abstracts/Posters/Demo

All manuscripts must be submitted via EasyChair Conference System