12th European Conference on Artificial Life

September 2-6 2013, Taormina, Italy

Designing, Programming, Evolving, Simulation and Synthesis of Natural and Artificial Living Systems
"What is Life?", Erwin Schrödinger.


The registration desk is located in the conference centre of the Hotel. It is open from 17:30 to 20:00 of September 1, and from 8:00 of September 2 until the last day of the conference. During the conference you can find someone of the organization that can be help you on whatever you need.


Any speaker of an oral presentation will have 20 minutes for the talk, plus 4 minutes for questions and 1 minute for setting up the next presentation. Each speaker is kindly requested to strictly observe this time limit in order to facilitate people moving among session. Speakers must be in the room of their session 10 minutes before the begining of the session, so that they have enough time to set up their presentation and to meet the chair of the session.


The poster format for the presentation is A0 (118.9 cm high and 84.1 cm wide, respectively 46.8 x 33.1 inch).

The posters inauguration will be held Tuesday 3rd September at 19:00, and it will be anticipated by an introductive session (16:00 - 17:00) where each poster presenter will quickly introduce the main contributions of his work in 1 minute with 1 slide.

The posters are located near to the conference rooms, and they have to be suspended on movable walls before the session. The presenters of the posters shall stand next to their poster and be prepared to talk about their work and answering specific questions.

Poster panels will be pre-numbered to facilitate their search by attendees: you must hang your poster on the panel corresponding to your number. Your assigned number is the one that appear into the scientific program (pp. 61-64).

All posters must remain in their location for all the duration of the conference.


All session chairs are required to be at the room of their session 10 minutes before presentations start.

Each room is provided of an LCD projector and a screen for the presentation, but aren't equipped with a computer, therefore as a track chair you will need to secure one, and test its connection to the projector well in advance of the session. Many speakers, likely, will prefer using their own laptop; in this case they must test their connection.

One talk is 25 minutes long, including questions and 1 minute for the setting up of the next presentation. Please, we kindly ask you to strictly respect the timing, such that sessions remain as much as possible synchronized, and attendees have the possibility to switch tracks between talks if they wish.

In case of missing of a speaker, please wait until reaching the next time slot, since some people could be moving from one session to another.


The rooms, projectors/screens, coffee breaks and lunch are all provided for by ECAL for any number of participants at your workshop (who must all be registered).

You will have access to your room 1hr before the start of your session and should vacate it 1/2hr after the end of your session. Rooms can be safely locked during the breaks.

About the conference room assigned to your workshop have a look to the page of the workshops.

WiFi connection will be available in all rooms.