I have two main activities with occupy my free time!

The first one is music. I play the GUITAR (and sometimes the bass).



Here is my Fender American Statocaster, equipped with "Lace-Sensor" pickups. The photo is taken up during a studio recording session.






Myself at a show with my first electric guitar: a "Belamy", a Gibon-LesPaul clone. Not so bad, I like it quite a lot.









This is my second classic guitar: it is a "Lo Verde", a famous liutist in Catania. It sounds very very good!





Here is my HOFNER SHORTY. A travel guitar which however I often play as a Steel with a bottleneck.





I have other two guitars: a YAMAHA Acoutstic and a classic "Alahambra".

The second one is AEROMODELISM! Yes, I spent my free time building RC airplane models which sometime fly and sometime crash :-D

Here is a video of one of my small airplanes, the "Union Jack" Plane

And here there are some models:



ERIC-1, the first plane I built. It has a 1 meter of wingspan but it is too heavy. Nevertheless, it flies quite well. This model experienced a couple of crashes :-)





CHIOCCIOLA, my second plane. It has a 1.20 meter of wingspan and it flies very very well! It is a "trainer" and thus very good for beginner pilots.





"UNION JACK" PLANE. It is quite small (75cm of wingspan) and light (about 450gr). I designed it from scratch and I'm very proud since it flies quite well.





HAWK 2501. A big (but not so big) motor-glider. Wingspan: 1.80m, weight: 850gr. Also this model has been designed by myself from scratch.It flies very well and it is very easy to pilot: indeed I'm using it to teach piloting to my 9-years-old son.