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University of Catania
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Research articles

V. Manca, G. Scollo, Explaining DNA Structure, Theoretical Computer Science, Special NataĊĦa Jonoska 60th Birthday volume, Vol. 894, 2021, 152-171 , source code and documentation .

M. Madonia, G. Scollo, Reducibility and Solvability of Some Classes of Kryuchkov Binary Tree Pairs, Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Special Zeilberger Festschrift volume, Vol. 18(2), 2011, P32 (39 pp.).

V. Cutello, G. Morelli, G. Nicosia, M. Pavone, G. Scollo, On discrete models and immunological algorithms for protein structure prediction, Natural Computing, 10:1 (2011) 91-102. doi:10.1007/s11047-010-9196-y .

G. Scollo, G. Franco, V. Manca, Relational state transition dynamics, Journal of Algebraic and Logic Programming 76:1 (2008) 130-144, doi:10.1016/j.jlap.2007.07.003 .

G. Scollo, G. Franco, V. Manca, A relational view of recurrence and attractors in state transition dynamics, in: R. Schmidt (Ed.), Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science, LNCS 4136, Springer-Verlag (2006) 358-372, doi:10.1007/11828563.24 .

G. Franco, V. Manca, G. Scollo, Research questions in state transition models of biomolecular dynamics, in: L. Puccio (Ed), Communications to SIMAI Congress, Vol. 2 (2007) 8th Congress SIMAI , Baia Samuele (RG), Italy, 25-26 May 2006. Freely available on-line at doi:10.1685/CSC06089 .

N. Piccinini and G. Scollo, Cooperative Project-based Learning in a Web-based Software Engineering Course, Educational Technology & Society 9:4 (2006) 54-62, freely available on-line .

G. Scollo, \omega-rewriting the Collatz problem, Fundamenta Informaticae 64 (2005) 405-416. (Revised version of DI RR 25/2004)

V. Manca, G. Franco, G. Scollo, State transition dynamics: basic concepts and molecular computing perspectives, Chapter 2 of: M. Gheorghe, M. Holcombe (Eds.), Molecular Computational Models: Unconventional Approaches, Idea Group, Hershey, PA, USA (2005). doi:10.4018/978-1-59140-333-3.ch002 .

G. Scollo and S. Zecchini, Architectural Unit Testing, Proc. Int'l Workshop on Model Based Testing (MBT 2004), Barcelona, Spain, 27-28 March 2004. (Revised version of DI RR 12/2003). Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 111 (2005) 27-52 .

G. Scollo, An institution isomorphism for planar graph colouring, in: R. Berghammer, B. Möller, G. Struth (Eds.) Relational and Kleene-Algebraic Methods in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3051, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, (2004) 252-264. (Short version of DI RR 03/2003). doi:10.1007/978-3-540-24771-5_22 .

Research reports

G. Scollo, \omega-rewriting the Collatz problem, U. of Verona, Dip. Informatica, DI RR 25/2004, October 2004. PDF .

G. Scollo and S. Zecchini, Architectural Unit Testing in a Robot Teleoperation Case Study, U. of Verona, Dip. Informatica, DI RR 12/2003, October 2003. PDF .

G. Scollo, Morphism-driven design of graph colouring institutions, U. of Verona, Dip. Informatica, DI RR 03/2003, March 2003. RR paper (PDF), DI seminar sheets (PostScript), DI seminar handout (PostScript).

Research preprints

V. Manca, G. Scollo, Explaining DNA Structure, PDF preprint, revised , U. of Verona and U. of Catania, 6 May 2021, submitted for publication.

G. Scollo, An integration of Euler's pentagonal partition, U. of Catania, Dep't of Mathematics and Computer Science, September 2010. arXiv preprint .

G. Scollo, Graph colouring institutions, in: R. Berghammer, B. Möller (Eds.), 7th Seminar RelMiCS, 2nd Workshop Kleene Algebra, Malente, Germany, 12-17 May 2003, pp. 288-297. PDF preprint .

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