Giampaolo Bella

Ph.D. (Cambridge)

Associate Professor of Informatics
(Italian MIUR habilitation Full Professor)

Master in Cybersecurity, 2021/22

Director of the 2nd Edition of the UNICT Level I Master in Cybersecurity "Cultura e Governance della Cybersecurity", co-organized with Free Mind Foundation

EU H2020 Project POC4COMMERCE, 2021

Scientific Coordinator of European Project "Making ONTOCHAIN Practical for E-Commerce" (POC4COMMERCE), which outputs a stack of ontologies and a semantic search engine for blockchain-based e-commerce

Master in Cybersecurity, 2020/21

Director of the 1st Edition of the UNICT Level I Master in Cybersecurity "Cybersecurity & Defence", co-organized with Free Mind Foundry

EU H2020 Project COSCA, 2020

Scientific Coordinator of European Project "COnceptualising Secure CArs" (COSCA), which outputs a conceptual Framework for car security, drivers’ privacy and trust enhancement

International Working Group IACAP, since 2019

Director of the International Working Group on "Interdisciplinary Aspects of Cybersecurity And Privacy" (IACAP) within CINI Cybersecurity Laboratory

CINI Cybersecurity Lab, since 2018 

Director of the UNICT node of "CINI Cybersecurity Laboratory", with very active members across virtually all areas of cybersecurity

Cross-institutional research group SOWHAT, since 2018

Director of the "Security Of the Way to Handle Automotive sysTems" (SOWHAT) research group focusing on cybersecurity and data protection aboard modern cars

CyberChallenge.IT, since 2018/19

Scientific Coordinator of UNICT's team at CyberChallenge.IT, the first Italian training program in offensive cybersecurity. UNICT participation acknowledges ICTCC's kind sponsorship

EU programmes FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe Independent expert, since 2009

Proposal Evaluator, Proposal Rapporteur or Project Reviewer with over 30 appointments by the EU within FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe funding programmes

Research group NAS.INF, since 2009

Scientific Coordinator of "Networks and Security Informatics" (nas.inf) research group targeting virtually all aspects of distributed cybersecurity