XXI International Conference on
Waves and Stability in Continuous Media

Conference Papers

Main Topics of the Conference

  • Linear and nonlinear stability in fluid dynamics and solid mechanics
  • Non-linear wave propagation, discontinuity and shock waves
  • Rational extended thermodynamics and symmetric hyperbolic systems
  • Kinetic theories and comparison with continuum model
  • Numerical applications.

Prof. Rionero, who was one of the founders and main proponents of this Conference, passed away last year. We will remember his scientific contribution in a special session.
See also the commemoration on the Lincei page.

A further Session will be in memory of Prof. Paolo Fergola and Prof. Giampiero Spiga.

Special Sessions will be dedicated to Prof. F. Cardin and Prof. G. Mulone on the occasion of their 70th birthday, and to Prof. S. Pennisi in occasion of his retirement.