The Security Track at the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing
Statistics and General Information about SEC@SAC07
Statistics and General Information about SEC@SAC07.

The Security Track has reached its sixt year at the 2007 Symposium on Applied Computing, appearing among its most established tracks.

Originating from every continent, the 32 submissions were included in a blind review process that involved more than 25 reviewers (composed of PC members and their delegates) from many different institutions. The reviewers did an outstanding job and the whole process generated more than 110 reviews each paper was reviewed by at least 3 reviewers. Based on the reviewers' reports and the general ACM SAC guidelines for evaluation of submissions, only 10 papers were accepted, that is an acceptance rate of one third, which is slightly more optimistic than last year’s. Contents cover various aspects of applied computer security, ranging from intrusion detection to malicious code prevention. Here comes this year’s programme, which is divided into two sessions, chaired by Bella.