String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms

SN Computer Science: String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms

String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms (SPCA) is a Topical Issue of the Journal Springer Nature Computer Science (SNCS).
SNCS is a broad-based, peer reviewed journal that publishes original research in all the disciplines of computer science including various inter-disciplinary aspects. The journal aims to be a global forum of, for, and by the community and offers high visibility, a rapid peer review under the expert guidance of a global editorial board, no color or page charges, free submission, and is free to access for the first two years of publication.

Aims and Scope of the Topical Issue

The Topical Issue on String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms aims to facilitate communication between researchers in theoretical computer science who are concerned with the design and analysis of combinatorial algorithms and data structures, especially covering research in all aspects of string processing, information retrieval, computational biology, and related applications.
The Topical Issue welcomes original papers in the area of string processing and in all areas of finite and discrete algorithm analysis and design, also from an empirical perspective, encouraging original submissions that focus on design, implementation, and performance evaluation through a combination of experimentation and classical techniques.
The purpose of this Topical Issue is the presentation and design of new algorithms and data structures, new analysis or comparisons of known algorithms and well-focused review articles of currently-active subject areas. However the Topical Issue also accepts high quality surveys and tutorials that integrate the existing literature and efficaciously put its results in context, aiming on integrating and adding understanding to the existing literature. The Topical Issue on String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms intends to maintain high quality standards, an openness to all approaches to the subject, a transparent reviewing policy, and a minimal delay between submission and publication.


All submissions should follow the instructions available at www.springer.com/journal/42979/submission-guidelines
Submission Link: https://www.editorialmanager.com/sncs/default.aspx
Submission process: At the time of article submission, please select the Topical Issue (TI) of your choice. This Topical Issue section can be found under the ‘Additional Information’ Section.
Please follow the floowing steps:
  • Step I - ‘Does this manuscript belong to a special issue? Yes/No’. Please enter ‘Yes’.
  • Step II - The author must choose the Topical Issue of choice, which will be: "String Processing and Combinatorial Algorithms". Selects the title from the dropdown list.