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2011-14 Evaluation

The ANVUR (The National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research in Italy) performs a periodic evaluation of the quality of research products. Such evaluation is based on an algorithm and a set of parameters that you can find here.

List of Scientific Publications of Simone Faro

You may find a list of my publications in the following links below. Note that the downloadable files provided in this site are subject to copyright limitations and are only for personal research and educational purposes.

I have collaborated with (in alphabetic order) Boris Adas, Ersin Bayraktar, Matteo Campanelli, Domenico Cantone, Salvatore Cristofaro, Emanuele Giaquinta, Szymon Grabowsk, M.Oguzhan Kulekci, Thierry Lecroq, Ibrahim E. Moustafa and Elisa Pappalardo.

the following charts report the number of citations and the distributions of my publications presented from 2003 to 2015. Data have been drawn from Google Scholar.