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Sebastiano Battiato is a full professor of Computer Science at the University of Catania. He received his degree in Computer Science (summa cum laude) in 1995 from the University of Catania and his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the University of Naples in 1999. From 1999 to 2003 he was the leader of the “Imaging” team at STMicroelectronics in Catania. He joined the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Catania in 2004 (respectively as assistant professor, associate professor in 2011 and full professor in 2016). He has been Chairman of the Undergraduate Program in Computer Science (2012-2017), and Rector's delegate for Education: postgraduates and Phd (2013-2016). He is currently the Scientific Coordinator of the PhD Program in Computer Science (XXXIII-XXXVI cycles) and Deputy Rector for Strategic Planning and Information Systems at the University of Catania.

He is currently involved in teaching the following courses: Computer Vision and Digital Forensics. He also serves as a teacher in the field of Digital Forensics for LEAs (e.g. Polizia Scientifica, prosecutors/judges, Presidenza consiglio dei Ministri, etc.) and private institutions. In 2017 Prof. Battiato held a course on "Multimedia Security" at ICT Doctoral School of University of Trento.

His research interests include Computer Vision, Imaging technology and Multimedia Forensics. In particular he investigated algorithms and techniques for improving algorithms on imaging devices both during acquisition (noise reduction, interpolation, color correction, etc.) and in post-processing (stabilization, encoding, scene recognition, etc.). Starting from such background, many computer vision applications have been developed in several scenarios (assistive technologies, retails and digital marketing, medical, etc.). Finally, in the field of Multimedia Forensics he investigated techniques for: forgery detection in the DCT domain, tampering detection by image alignment, near-duplicate image detection and retrieval. More recently, he has proposed a processing pipeline to investigate about “social media forensics” exploiting a classification strategy able to assess if an image has been or not uploaded (and downloaded) on a specific social platform (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This solution have been already implemented as a feature of the software AMPED Authenticate, one of the leader solution in the field. Several partnerships with stakeholders in advanced investigative scenarios have been exploited. Prof. Battiato has been appointed as principal investigator of a scientific collaboration between DMI/UniCT and Racis/RIS (Arma dei Carabinieri, Messina, Italy).

Prof. Battiato is involved in research and directorship of the IPLab research lab (http://iplab.dmi.unict.it). He coordinates IPLab’s participation on large scale projects funded by national and international funding bodies, as well as by private companies. Prof. Battiato has participated as principal investigator in many international and national research projects He has supervised about 15 phd students and 3 postdocs. Prof. Battiato has edited 6 books and co-authored about 300 papers in international journals, conference proceedings and book chapters and has also been involved as “guest editor” of several special issues published in International Journals:

"Emerging Methods for Color Image and Video Quality Enhancement"  - EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing (2010),  with L.Zhang, R.Schettini, Z.Wang and K.R. Rao;

"Multimedia in Forensics, Security and Intelligence"  - IEEE Multimedia Magazine (2012), with  M. Worring, S. Emmanuel and A.Ulges;

“Ultrawide Contextand Content-Aware Imaging” - SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging - September/October Issue (2015), with F. Bremond and L. Platiša;

"Video Analytics for Audience Measurement in Retail and Digital Signage” - Pattern Recognition Letters (2015), with C. Distante and A. Cavallaro;  

"Variational Inequalities, Nash Equilibrium Problems and Applications" - Journal of Global Optimization (2018) , with P. Daniele, G.M. Farinella, S. Giuffrè, L. Scrimali;

"Image Analysis and Processing - ICIAP 2017" - Multimedia Tools and Applications (2018), with C. Grana; 

“Interdisciplinary Forensics: Government, Academia and Industry Interaction” – Multimedia Tools and Applications (2020) with. A. Ortis, S. Francese

He is also co-inventor of 22 international patents, reviewer for several international journals, and has been a regular member of numerous international conference committees. He has been the Chair of several international events ( MMFORwild 2020, IMPROVE 2021, INTELLYSIS 2020-2021, SIGMAP 2019-2020ICIAP 2017, VINEPA 2016, ACIVS 2015, VAAM 2014-2015-2016, VISAPP2012-2015, IWCV2012, ECCV2012, ICIAP 2011, ACM MiFor 2010-2011, SPIE EI Digital Photography 2011-2012-2013, etc.).

Invited Speaker/Lecturer at several International conferences/meetings (SIGMAP 2019, DFRWS EU 2018, CompSysTech2016, ACIVS2016, EU IAI 2015 IS&T Electronic Imaging 2012-2015, WIFS 2015, etc.).

Main Research Topics: Computer Vision, Multimedia Forensics, Image/Video Forensics.

My publication list: IPLAB GoogleScholar, DBLP, Scopus, ORCID,  IEEEXplore

Member of the Editorial board of the IET Image Processing published by IET (2016-2019)

Member of the Editorial Board of the Transactions on Circuits and System for Video Technology published by IEEE (2010-2014)

Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Electronic Imaging (JEI) co-published by SPIE and IS&T

Member of the Editorial Board of Sicurezza e Giustizia - Lex et Ars

Member of the Editorial Board of The Visual Computer (Springer) (2018-2020)

Director of ICVSS - International Computer Vision Summer School (2007-2023)

Director of IFOSS - International Forensics Summer School (2022-2023)

Director  of Italian Ph.D. school “La Visione delle Macchine” - GIRPR – Catania November 2010

He is the recipient of the 2017 PAMI Mark Everingham Prize for the series of annual ICVSS schools and of the 2011 Best Associate Editor Award of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. Top 10% Award for the papers presented at ICIP 2014 and ICIP 2015. “Esteemed Paper” of the published work on Computers in Biology and Medicine 2016.

He is a IEEE senior member. He is member of the Centre of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction (CoHear) of the University of Catania.

Member of the Third Mission Expert Committee (CETMB) on behalf of the ANVUR (two year period 2015-2016)

Prof. Battiato has been involved in the evaluation process of research projects on behalf of national and international institution (FTI-EU, MISE, MIUR, ANVUR, Invitalia, FinCalabra, FinPiemonte, Regione Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Regione Puglia, Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) of Cyprus, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) - etc.)

He has worked as consultant on behalf of the Public Prosecutors of Bergamo, Milano, Livorno, Roma, Napoli, Siracusa, Catania and Reggio Calabria on issues related to Imaging in the forensic field.

Scientific Advisor of the startup ParkSmart (2014 - present).

Since 2016 he is Founder and Scientific Advisor of iCTLab (www.ictlab.srl) - spin-off of the University of Catania that operates in the field of Digital Forensics.

Since 2018 he has been included in TIS (top Italian scientist) list.

Since 2017 on behalf of GRIN, as national coordinator of PhD courses in Computer Science.


Sebastiano Battiato è nato a Catania nel 1972. Ha conseguito la Laurea in Scienze dell’Informazione (summa cum laude) nel 1995 e il dottorato di Ricerca in Matematica Applicata ed Informatica nel 1999. Dal 1999 al 2003 ha coordinato e diretto il gruppo di ricerca “Imaging” c/o STMicroelectronics a Catania. Dal 2004 presta servizio presso il Dipartimento di Matematica ed Informatica dell’Università di Catania come ricercatore (fino al 2010) da Professore Associato (fino al Settembre 2016) e da Professore Ordinario in Informatica (dal 1 Ottobre 2016).  I suoi interessi di ricerca includono tecnologie di imaging legati al mondo embedded, il Multimedia Forensics e la Computer Vision applicata in contesti industriali e consumer. Docente dei corsi di Computer Vision e Digital Forensics presso l’Università degli Studi di Catania e di alcuni corsi di dottorato (es. Udine – 2012, ICT Doctoral School, Trento - 2017 su tematiche legate al Multimedia Forensics). Nel 2012 ha tenuto un corso di Computer Vision, come invited professor presso la University of Saint Etienne-Jean Monnet in Francia.

Ha tenuto diversi tutorial formativi sia all’estero (IS&T - SPIE Electronic Imaging – San Francisco, USA 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, Movidius - Dublin, 2012) che in Italia, (Ordine Ingegneri di Catania/Udine – 2012-2017, Scuola AI-DLDA 2020, Scuola VISMAC – Visione delle Macchine GIRPR, 2014-2016, Scuola Nazionale Magistrati – 2017-2019, Dirigenti Tecnici Polizia di Stato - 2016, Link Campus 2016-2017, IISFA Forum ecc.). Invited speaker presso eventi scientifici internazionali (SIGMAP 2019, Praga, DFRWS EU 2018, IEEE WIFS – Italy, 2015, EU IAI Interpol- Lyon 2016, ACIVS 2016 - Lecce 2016 – ACM CompSysTech, Palermo 2016) e nazionali. Ha partecipato a vario titolo a diversi progetti di ricerca nazionali ed internazionali. Coordinatore scientifico dell’Unità di Ricerca di Catania nei progetti internazionali:  PANORAMA (EU EniAC, 2011/2014) - COST ACTION (MULTI-modal Imaging of FOREnsic SciEnce Evidence (MULTI-FORESEE)-Tools for Forensic Science - AC16101). Coordinatore scientifico dell’Unità di Ricerca di Catania nei progetti nazionali: ADAS+ (PON MISE), IperAGris (PON MISE), Saturn (PON MISE). Coordinatore scientifico dell’Unità di ricerca dell’Università di Catania nei progetti di ricerca EMOCUBE - PO FESR 2014/2020 (Linea, D4Health e  SALIRE (PO FESR Linea 1.1.5). Ha svolto inoltre il ruolo di responsabile di progetto  per conto el Consorzio Catania Ricerche per progetti di ricerca a valere sul PO FESR 2014/2020 – Linea 4.1.1: Farm.Pro, Digintegra. Esperto valutatore di progetti di ricerca nel settore multimedia in ambito internazionale (Research Promotion Foundation - programma PENEK, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research - programma NWO Physical Sciences, Fast Track to Innovation FTI-EIC European Innovation Council). Esperto Valutatore iscritto all’albo del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico (dal 2011) e del Ministero dell’Istruzione, dell’Università e della Ricerca (dal 2001). Ha svolto inoltre diversi incarichi di come esperto tecnico-scientifico e valutatore di progetti di ricerca industriale per conto di FinPiemonte, della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, di Invitalia, di Puglia Sviluppo e di FinCalabra.

Pluridecennale esperienza di collaborazione tecnico-scientifica con aziende ICT (STM, TIM JOL Wave, ParkSmart, iCTLab, TechLabWorks, Centro Studi, ecc.) ed Enti Istituzionali e di Ricerca (Comuni, Forze di Polizia, Magistrati, INGV, ecc.)  con contratti di ricerca e borse di dottorato finanziate su specifici programmi di ricerca legati al mondo dell’Imaging e più di recente nel settore della Computer Vision e della Digital Forensics. Si occupa del coordinamento tecnico-scientifico del gruppo di ricerca IPLAB (iplab.dmi.unict.it) all’interno del quale ha supervisionato più di 15 dottori di ricerca e diversi post-doc. Ha svolto attività di consulenza per diverse Procure e Tribunali su tematiche legate all'Imaging in ambito forense. Vincitore nel 2018 del premio "Investigation & Forensics Award". Ha pubblicato diversi libri e più di 300 lavori su riviste, congressi internazionali e capitoli di libri. Risulta inoltre co-inventor di circa 20 brevetti internazionali principalmente nel settore dell'imaging applicato ai sistemi embedded.

Svolge attività di revisione per numerose riviste internazionali ed è regolarmente membro dei comitati di programma di numerose conferenze internazionali.  Chair scientifico di diversi Congressi e Workshop Internazionali (MMFORwild 2020-2022, IMPROVE 2021-2022-2023, INTELLYSIS 2020-2021-2022-2023, SIGMAP 2019-2020, ICIAP 2017, VINEPA 2016, ACIVS 2015, VAAM2014-2015-2016, VISAPP2012-2015, IWCV2012, ECCV2012, ICIAP 2011, ACM MiFor 2010-2011, SPIE EI Digital Photography 2011-2012-2013, ecc.). E' attualmente Associate Editor della riviste SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging (Settore: digital photography and image compression)  IET Image Processing , Springer The Visual Computer.
Guest Editor dei seguenti special issue: "Emerging Methods for Color Image and Video Quality Enhancement" pubblicato su EURASIP Journal on Image and video Processing (2010) e "Multimedia in Forensics, Security and Intelligence" IEEE Multimedia Magazine (2012) Ultrawide Context and Content-Aware Imaging” - SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging - September/October Issue (2015), "Video Analytics for Audience Measurement in Retail and Digital Signage” - Pattern Recognition Letters (2015), "Variational Inequalities, Nash Equilibrium Problems and Applications” - Springer Journal of Global Optimization (2016/2017) - “Interdisciplinary Forensics: Government, Academia and Industry Interaction” – Multimedia Tools and Applications (2020).

Ha fondato nel 2007 e attualmente riveste il ruolo di direttore scientifico della scuola estiva ICVSS (International Computer Vision Summer School). Vincitore del premio 2017 PAMI Mark Everingham Prize. Ha fondato nel 2022 e attualmente riveste il ruolo di direttore scientifico della scuola estiva IFOSS (International Foreniscs Summer School). Ha diretto la scuola Visione delle Macchine VISMAC 2010. E’ Senior Member dell’IEEE. E' membro del comitato scientifico dell'IISFA.

Delegato del Rettore alla didattica corsi Post-Laurea e Dottorato (2013-2016)

Membro del Comitato Esperti Terza Missione (CETMB) presso l’ANVUR (2015-2016).

Presidente del corso di Studi in Informatica triennale dell’Università di Catania (2012-2017)

Dal 2014 è Scientific Advisor della startup ParkSmart

Dal 2016 è Founder/Scientific Advisor di iCTLab - Spin-off UniCT (Settore Digital Forensics Computer Vision)

Dal 2017 è coordinatore scientifico del Dottorato in Informatica dell'Università degli Studi di Catania

Dal 2018 è incluso nella lista TIS (top italian scientist) della Via-Academy

Dal 2018 è Membro della Consulta Consortile del CINECA

Dal 2017 per conto del GRIN, riveste il ruolo di coordinatore nazionale dei corsi di dottorato in Informatica

Dal 2019 è Delegato del Rettore ai sistemi informativi e alla programmazione strategica

Dal 2019 è Vicepresidente della Associazione nazionale CVPL (Associazione Italiana per la ricerca in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition e Machine Learning)


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