PRAGMATIC is a project for stimulating researches in Algebraic Geometry among young people specially those living in isolated centers or peripheral Universities all over the Europe. There are considerable talents in many remote parts of Europe, but since isolated they are not as effective as could be. To help them to grow will mean to insure expansion, spreading and future to Algebraic Geometry in Europe. On the other hand, to develop a large program of researches it is necessary, in addition to big central problems, to produce many branches which can give support to major questions. Pragmatic will take care of these important aspects of research in Algebraic Geometry trying to create a center for training isolated young mathematicians (and others) and helping these young scientists to find their own area of research.

In pursuit these goals Pragmatic will organize a period of lectures and seminars on very concrete problems related to fundamental topics in Algebraic Geometry and on techniques to solve them.

How Pragmatic works? Every year, at Mathematics Department of the University of Catania, one or two among the major experts in a specific field will be invited for one month to give a series of lectures with the purpose of preparing background, explaining fundamental results, citing references in order to suggest problems and new themes of research to a group of young participants. Then, by individual discussions and seminars, will be studied methods to attack and to try to solve them. At the end of all period the results that the participants will obtain may be published by the Mathematics Department of University of Catania on the scientific journal Le Matematiche.

Pragmatic will grant a certain number of fellowships consisting of the possibility to attend the above lectures and seminars, the full cost of a month board and lodging in Catania and some amount to cover travel expenses. These fellowships will be awarded to young European researchers, say at pre-post doctoral level, with preference to those belonging to isolated centers or to geographically uncomfortable areas. In addition the Committee of Pragmatic could admit to the courses and seminars some other people who can be supported by their Institutions; to these participants the organizers will provide any help in finding suitable accommodation at reasonable cost.

The Coordinators of Pragmatic are Alfio Ragusa and Giuseppe Zappal (University of Catania)
Other local organizators are:
Renato Maggioni, Salvatore Giuffrida.

Why Pragmatic at the Mathematics Department of Catania? At Catania there is a good group of researchers working on Algebraic Geometry since the beginning of the seventies (Rosario Strano, Alfio Ragusa, Renato Maggioni, Giuseppe Paxia, Salvatore Giuffrida, and others). They always felt the problem of working in a peripheral center and with very low chances to discuss and meet frequently high quality level researchers on Algebraic Geometry, so they made enormous efforts to reach an international standard for their researches. Now this group would like to be a valid support to young European mathematicians organizing Pragmatic and helping them during the courses.

(Promotion of Researches in Algebraic Geometry for MAThematicians in Isolated Centers)

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