NICSO 2007  

Acireale, Sicily (Italy), November 8-10, 2007

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NICSO 2007 is the second edition of the Workshop on Nature Inspired Cooperative Strategies for Optimization (see previous edition), and it aims are to give a deeper investigation and a vigorous exchange of ideas about emerging research areas in problem solving strategies.

Biological and natural processes have always been a source of inspiration for computer science and information technology in many real-world applications. Its well known that biological entities, from single cell organisms - like bacteria - to humans, often engage on a rich repertoire of social interaction that could range from altruistic cooperation through open conflict. One specific kind of social interaction is cooperative problem solving (CPS), where a group of autonomous entities work together to achieve certain goal.

Examples of Nature-inspired coordination/cooperation strategies include, but are not limited to, Swarm Intelligence, Ants Colonies, Artificial Immune Systems, Amorphous Computing, Evolvable Systems, Membrane Computing, Quantum Computing, Software Self Assembly.

NICSO 2007 will be held in Acireale (Italy) situated over a lavic territory, called Timpa.


Acireale is famous for its baroque and it presents a characteristic handicraft, based on objects in lava-rock.

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