Integer Java Virtual Machine emulator

User's guide


emuIJVM is a free and opensource software made for who studies "Computer Architecture".
It emulates the abstract machine IJVM (Integer Java Virtual Machine), a subset of the JVM machine(Java Virtual Machine) developed by Sun Microsystems, which works only with integer numbers.
emuIJVM works on another emulation software emuMIC, which emulates the MIC-1 chip described by A. Tanembaum in his masterpiece Computer Architecture.

The software is divided in four main parts:
1)Assembler, it translates an assembly program in the correspondent machine language.
2) MIC1, the MIC-1 chip emulator
3) IJVM, the actual IJVM machine
4) GUI, the graphic user interface

emuIJVM is customizable

The IJVM-emulation microprogram executed by mic-1 is extendible and editable.
It is also possible to edit or extend the OPCODE list recognized by the assembler.