BCD to seven segments code decoder
Release notes

Software architecture and programming techniques

The simulator is a web-application, that is a software that runs inside of a web browser.

For its realization the following technologies were used:

Both the source code and the effective simulator happen to be the same due to the nature of the software and are stored under the "../src" folder.

The application is made up of two files (both in two versions: Italian and English) plus the libraries (that were included to allow the download and complete offline execution of the simulator), which are:

Same files with the name that includes "_it" in place of "_en" are the Italian version of the simulator.

The remaining files are the yet mentioned librearies, while the "../src/res" directory contains some images used by the simulator for the "About" window.


Thanks to its web-application nature, the simulator is able to be executed correctly on every modern web browser. Latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer were used for testing, without any problem. The simulator can also run on modern mobile phones.

Ideas for future developments

Here are listed some proposals by the author to make a better version of the simulator, for those wanting to produce a new version of it.