SAC PSC 2009
Programming for Separation of Concerns
(5th edition)

ACM Symposium on Applied Computing

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA March 8 - 12 2009


Tuesday March 10, 2009 - Room 3 - 3:40 - 5:20

Flexible Features: Making Feature Modules more Reusable
Peter Ebraert, Jorge Vallejos, Yves Vandewoude, Theo D'Hondt, Yolande Berbers

Building a Customizable Embedded Operating System with Fine-Grained Joinpoints Using the AOX Programming Environment
Jiyong Park, Seongsoo Hong

An Implementation Substrate for Languages Composing Modularized Crosscutting Concerns
Hans Schippers, Michael Haupt, Robert Hirschfeld, Dirk Janssens

Aspect-Oriented Procedural Content Engineering for Game Design
Walter Cazzola, Diego Colombo, Duncan Harrison