SAC PSC 2007
Programming for Separation of Concerns
(3rd edition)

ACM Symposium on Applied Computing

Seoul, Korea, March 12, 2007


Reflective Layer Activation in ContextL
Pascal Costanza, Robert Hirschfeld

Context-aware Feature-Oriented Modeling with an Aspect Extension of VDM
Naoyasu Ubayashi, Shin Nakajima

Supporting Reconfigurable Object Distribution for Customized Web Applications
Po-Hao Chang, Gul Agha

Co-Evolving Application Code and Design Models by Exploiting Meta-Data
Walter Cazzola, Sonia Pini, Ahmed Ghoneim, Gunter Saake

Short Papers
An Aspect-Generated Approach for the Integration of Applications into Grid
Rosario Giunta, Giuseppe Pappalardo, Emiliano Tramontana

Towards Reusable and Modular Aspect-Oriented Concurrency Control
Sergio Soares, Paulo Borba