Laboratorio di Sistemi a Microcontrollore

A.A. 2018-2019

  1. OpenSTM32
  2. STM32 Cube F4
  3. How to create a project with STM32 Workbench
  5. STM32 Board Part List


Lesson Slides
  1. Introduction to microcontrollers
  2. Logic Circuits and Signals
  3. The Digital I/O Interface
  4. Using External Interrupts
  5. Using the 7-Segments Display
  6. Example: timed switch with programmable time-out
  7. Using Timers
  8. Exercise (cancello automatico): Solution
  9. The Analog-to-Digital Converter
  10. Exercise (timer)
  11. Bitwise operations
  12. Digital I/O using bitwise operations
  13. Alternate Function Mapping in STM32F401RE
  14. Using Timer with Capture/Compare/PWM
  15. Using UART
  16. The I2C Interface
  17. Case-Study: Driving a DC Motor
  18. Case-Study: Driving a 4-digit 7-segments display
  19. The Startup Sequence of STM32
  20. The Clock Circuit of STM32
  21. Example: a minimal "shell" to handle commands with a generic structure
  22. The Serial Peripheral Interface
  23. The Controller Area Network Interface


Materiale Anno accademico 2017-18
Copyright (C) 2017, Corrado Santoro