Laboratorio Avanzato di Programmazione I

A.A. 2017-2018

  1. OpenSTM32
  2. STM32 Cube F4
  3. How to create a project with STM32 Workbench


Lesson Slides
  1. Introduction to microcontrollers
  2. Using the Digital I/O Interface
  3. Bitwise Operations in C
  4. Using the Digital I/O Interface with Special Function Registers
  5. Managing Events and Keys
  6. Elements of Electronics and Circuit Analysis
    • Ohm's Law
    • Kirckoff Voltage Law
    • Voltage Divider
    • Diodes and LEDs
    • Calculation of limiting resistor for a LED
    • Transistors
    • Digital Output configuration: Push-Pull and Open-Drain
    • Capacitors
  7. Using Timers on STM32
  8. Using External Interrupts
  9. Using the 7-segments Display
  10. The Analog to Digital Converter
  11. Pulse Width Modulation
  12. Alternate Function Mapping in STM32F401RE
  13. Capture/Compare/PWM
  14. Serial Communication through USART
  15. Esercitazione ascensore (source code)
  16. Esempi di Compiti d'Esame
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