PictureEugenio Rustico

Università di Catania

Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Image Processing LABoratory
Note: this page is not updated. Now I work at BAW Karlsruhe.
Stanza 30 - II blocco - 1º piano
Tel DMI: +39 095 738 3089
Tel INGV: +39 095 716 5856
Fax: +39 095 33 0094
Email: rustico at dmi dot unict dot it
My supervisor is prof. G. Gallo.
I collaborate with the INGV sezione di Catania, UFGM team

Computer Vision course (ITA)

GPGPU - CUDA course (ENG)

Research interests


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I am the owner and maintainer of Hash'em'all!, ULB and a blog about my Erasmus experience (not updated anymore). One of the little apps I published: FractalJ, a tool to render IFS fractals defined in a logo-like language. Apart from my wonderful family, I love snowboarding, swimming, playing guitar and piano, playing chess, pattern-solving my Rubik's speedcube and... did I mention rock and sushi?