Research activity.

In the last years the research activity of the local group of Catania has been concentrated mostly in the following subjects:

a) Hilbert function of 0-dimensional schemes and curves in projective spaces subjected to some particular geometric conditions; Gorenstein schemes in codimension 3; relations between the postulation of a curve and that of a generic hyperplane section.

b) Vector bundles and linear series on a curve; bounds of Clifford type for stable bundles.

c) Semilocal rings of dimension one and its value semigroup; canonical module and applications to the singularities of curves.

d) Computer algebra; applications of the theory of Groebner bases to differential polynomials and to fractional polynomials.

In these topics various results have been obtained; these results are the contents of some papers already published or to be published.

Program of the local unity for the next years.

The research program that the local unity intends to execute regards the following themes.

A) Hilbert function of 0-dimensional schemes and curves in projective spaces and in particular in P3, subjected to certain geometric conditions; Gorenstein schemes in codimension 3; relations between the postulation a curve and that of a generic hyperplane section. In particular we intend to give an answer to the following question:
- A1) Given a 0-dimensional Gorenstein subscheme of P3, contained in a smooth surface, if it is the intersection of two ACM curves.
- A2) Given a smooth curve in P3, give a bound on the minimal degree of a surface containing it, in terms of the postulation of a generic plane section.

B) Vector bundles and linear series on curves.
- B1) We intend to characterize families of curves which are special with respect to Brill-Noether theory of rank >1, i.e. curves with bundles of rank >1, with many global sections.
- B2) We intend to study, in characteristic p, the curves, and more generally the varieties, in terms of the rank of Cartier operator; this will be useful in order to give a stratification of the moduli space in terms of this invariant.

C) Semilocal domains of dimension 1 and their value group. The canonical module and application to the singularities of curves. In particular the following problems will be faced: to characterize the semigroups which are the value semigroup of some ring; to classify the singularities of a curve in terms of this semigroup.

D) Computer algebra, Groebner bases and application. We intend to apply the theory of Groebner bases to differential polynomials and to the elimination theory in differential algebra. This would give computational methods that can be applied to differential equations.

List of the main papers of the local unity in the last few years.

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