The themes of research for Pragmatic 2001 will be on the fields of curves, surfaces, projective varieties, linear systems. The course leaders will be Ciro Ciliberto (University of Roma II) and Rick Miranda (University of Colorado-State). They will present open research problems and provide tools which may help to solve these problems - through lectures, seminars and individual meetings.
Pragmatic 2001 will take place at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Catania in the period 11-29 June 2001. Pragmatic will grant about 15 fellowships for young researchers, possibly coming from European countries. These fellowships will cover full board accommodation and some travel expenses. In particular we encourage young researchers from less favorite European regions to apply.
The Coordinator of Pragmatic is Prof. Alfio Ragusa - University of Catania. Further local members are: Rosario Strano, Renato Maggioni, Giuseppe Paxia, Salvatore Giuffrida. More details about the scientific program for Pragmatic 2001 will be given in the second announcement.
If you want to apply for a fellowship or just for participation, please fill the included application form, and return it to Alfio Ragusa by e-mail: or by ordinary mail to:
Prof. Alfio Ragusa-Dipartimento di Matematica- Viale A.Doria, 6 Catania-95125-Italy.
The deadline for applications is February 15 2001. The organizing Committee will announce its decisions about fellowships and admission to the course by March 31, 2001. We will ask participants to pay a certain registration fee. The fellowships will cover also this fee.
If you need more information about Pragmatic please contact any member of the Committee, via (where xxx stands for sstrano, paxia, maggioni, giuffrida).

       APPLICATION FORM TO PRAGMATIC 2001 11-29 June, 2001

Male or Female:
Date of Birth:
Academic qualification (Ph.D., Master,...):
Name of advisor:
Professional Status and Current Position:
Field of interest:
Estimate cost of travel to Catania:
If you have a Ph.D, when did you get it and where?
Letter of motivations:
It is suggested to include at the application a recommendation letter and a brief Curriculum vitae.

School of Algebraic Geometry University of Catania
11 - 29 June, 2001