Results obtained by some of the participants
that were published in the special issue of
Le Matematiche dedicated to PRAGMATIC 1997 (Vol.LIII 1998):

1) Marie Amelie Bertin - On the singularities of the trisicant surface to a space curve.

2) Antonio Causa, Riccardo Re, Titus Teodorescu - Some remarks on linear spaces of nilpotent matrices.

3) Flaminio Flamini - Towards an inductive construction of self-associated sets of points.

4) Davide Franco - Gale transform for sets of points on the Veronese surface in P5.

5) Mircea Mustata - Graded Betti numbers of general finite subsets of points on projective varieties.

6) Anne Fruhbis-Kruger, Naoki Terai - Bounds for the regularity of monomial ideals.

7) Laura Costa - An explicit description of some surfaces of degree 8 in P5.