Santo Motta’s Homepage


Santo Motta, born in Rome in 1946.

Laurea in Physics at the University of Catania (1970).

M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics at the University of London, Queen Mary College (1971).

Associate professor of Mathematical Physics at  the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Catania, member of the Department of Maths & Computer Science of the University of Catania.

Principal investigator of Computational Immunology and Immunomics Group (CI&IG).

  1. Present scientific interest: BioMaths, BioComputing and BioInformatics, Immunomics.

  2. Past scientific interest: Numerical methods for transport equation, Non linear waves in classic and relativistic fluid-dynamics, General Relativity and Cosmology, Solar Physics.

  3. Present Research activity: Computational model of the cancer – immune system competition induced by a in vivo  tested  immunoprevenction vaccine.

  4. Membership in Professional Society:

  5. -The International Immunomics Society (IIMMS) (council member)

  6. -GNFM, The Italian Group for Mathematical Physics

  7. Research Grants:

  8. -Principal Investigator of the Univesity of Catania group partecipating to the IMMUNOGRID project (EC contract FP6-2004-IST-4, No. 028069).

  9. -Participating to project PI2S2 ( Italian PON 2000-2006) with a research project of modeling cancer vaccine of the GRID Computing.


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