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His research is in the area of Database,Bioinformatics and Automated Reasoning with particular emphasis on Probabilistic Databases, Clustering Algorithms, Nearest Neighbor Search with applications in Bioinformatics and Networking. Is co-author(with Cantone and Omodeo) of the book "Computable Set Theory", Oxford University Press.
He has been visiting researcher in several prestigious universities such as New York University, Stanford University,Columbia University and the University of Maryland - College Park.
He has directed several national and european research projects in the field of Automated Reasoning and Databases with Uncertainty
Recently his research has been focused on Bioinformatics with particular emphasis on Multiple Sequence Alignment . A new efficient algorithm called ANTICLUSTAL has been designed by his group and several new biological applications have been developed in collaboration with the researchers in Molecula Biology and Human Genetics directed by Prof. Michele Purrello.


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