how to

dispaly experimental results

At the end of the execution of an experimental test smart stores experimental data in the directory results/EXPCODE, where EXPCODE is the unique code associated with the experimental test.
Files containing experimental data are named with the name of the corpus which has been selected. The system can store experimental data in three different formats: latex, xml and html format.
Experimental results in html format are store by default.
In addition you can make smart store experimental data in latex or txt formats by using the options -tex and -txt, respectively.
For instance, the command

./smart -text englishTexts -txt -tex

will test the selected algorithms of the englishTexts corpus and will store experimental data in latex and txt format.

Files in text format have extension .txt and the following structure

BF    10.45  10.85  10.65  10.71  10.64  10.70....
BNDM  12.32  8.26   5.43   3.95   3.30   3.42....
FS    9.22   6.70   5.61   4.62   4.48   4.32....
HASH3 -      6.90   3.87   2.93   2.58   3.40....

Files in xml format have extension .xml. They report data in a structured format suitable to be processed or included in html files. They have the following structure


Finally, html files present data in a tabular format. An additional index.html file is generated which contains the list of all experimental results computed during the test.