how to

algorithms selection for testing

The program select can be used to select/deselect algorithms for experimental results. Write the name of the algorithm (or a list of algorithms), just after the command select, to select or deselect it. For example, the command

$ ./select bndm fs hash3

will select the BNDM, Fast-Search and HASH3 algorithms. The subsequent command

$ ./select fs

will deselect the Fast-Search algorithm.
The command parameter -which shows the algorithms which have been selected for experimental results. Thus running the command

$ ./select -which

will produce the output


The command parameter -show lists the name of all algorithms which can be included in the experimental results. Moreover use the parameter -none for deselecting all algorithms and -all for selecting all algorithms.
For example the command

$ ./select -none kmp bf

deselects all previous algorithms and selects the Knuth-Morris-Pratt and Brute-Force algorithms. Similarly the command

$ ./select -all kmp bf

will select all algorithms with the exception of Knuth-Morris-Pratt and Brute-Force.
Finally the parameter -h will produce an help list.