how to

how to install smart

In order to install the smart tool in your system you have to follow the simple steps showed below:

  • download the correct binary package from the download page, according with your system. This is a compressed archive containing binary codes and text corpus.
  • copy the archive in a local directory, where you want to install smart, and unpack the archive.
This will create the new directory, named smart/, and containing the following files and sub directories:
  • docs/ is the directory containing the documentation files;
  • source/ is the directory containing the binary code of all string matching algorithms;
  • results/ is the directory which will cointain the files with experimental data;
  • data/ is the directory cointaining the corpus which are used for testing the string matching algorithms;
  • copyright.txt contains the copyright disclaimer;
  • gpl-3.0.txt contains the GNU general public license;
  • smart is the main program used for running experimental tests;
  • test is a smart utility used for testing the correctness of string matching algorithms;
  • select is a smart utility used to select/deselect string matching algorithms.