Courses held in english for the second level degree in Mathematics

First year

Elements of Advanced Algebra (annual course, 6+6 CFU)

Elements of Advanced Analysis (annual course, 6+6 CFU)

Elements of Advanced Geometry (annual course, 6+6 CFU)

Elements of Advanced Mathematical Physics (annual course, 6+6 CFU)

Astrophysics (semestral course, 6 CFU)

Computabilty (semestral course, 6 CFU)

Numerical Analysis (annual course, 6+6 CFU)

Statistical Models (semestral course, 6 CFU)

Second year

Algebraic Geometry (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Combinatorial Geometry (Semestral course, 9CFU)

Functional Analysis (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Mathematical and Statistical Methods for the Applications (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Mathematics Education (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Network and Supernetwork for Mathematics (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Partial Differential Equations (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

Topics of Analysis (Semestral course, 9 CFU)

For more detailed informations concerning the courses, please go here or refer to the single teachers (e-mails and home pages can be found here) .