Accepted papers

An archive containing all the accepted papers can be downloaded here.

Riccardo Zese, Elena Bellodi, Evelina Lamma and Fabrizio Riguzzi. A Description Logics Tableau Reasoner in Prolog.

Luca Cattelani, Pierpaolo Palumbo, Federico Chesani, Luca Palmerini and Lorenzo Chiari. LPAD-based fall risk assessment from odds ratios.

Fabio Leuzzi and Stefano Ferilli. Reasoning by Analogy Using Past Experiences.

Everardo Barcenas, Antonio Benitez, Jorge de La Calleja and Maria Auxilio Medina. On the Relaxation of Expressive Queries and Schemas on Trees.

Maximiliano Cristia' and Gianfranco Rossi. Using {log} as a Test Case Generator for Z Specifications.

Gianfranco Rossi and Federico Bergenti. Nondeterministic Programming in Java with JSetL.