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Recent (Journal) Publications

  • A.R. Bruna, G. M. Farinella, G. C. Guarnera, S. Battiato - Forgery Detection and Value Identification of Euro Banknotes - Sensors Journal – MDPI Open Access, Vol. 13 , No.2, pp. 2515-2529, 2013; (pdf)

  • S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, G. Puglisi, D. Ravě – Aligning Codeboooks for Near Duplicate Image Detection – Springer, Multimedia Tools and Applications - Vol.72, Issue 2, pp.1483-1506 , 2014; (pdf)

  • S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, G. Puglisi, D. Ravě - Saliency Based Selection of Gradient Vector Flow Paths for Content Aware Image Resizing - IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 23, Issue 5, pp. 2081-2095 - (2014); (pdf)

  • F. Galvan, G. Puglisi, A.R. Bruna, S. Battiato - First Quantization Matrix Estimation from Double Compressed JPEG Images – IEEE Transactions on IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Vol. 9, Issue 8, pp. 1299-1310, 2014. (pdf)

  • G.M. Farinella, D. Ravě, V. Tomaselli, M. Guarnera, S. Battiato - Representing Scenes for Real-time Context Classification on Mobile Devices – Elsevier, Pattern Recognition - vol.48,2015  (pdf)

  •  S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, A. Furnari, G.Puglisi, A.Snijders, J. Spiekstra - An Integrated System for Vehicle Tracking and Classification. Elsevier, Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 42, Issue 21 ,2015 (pdf

  • D. Ravě, M. Bober, G.M. Farinella, M.Guarnera, S.Battiato - Semantic Segmentation of Images Exploiting DCT Based Features and Random Forest - Elsevier, Pattern Recognition - vol. 52, 2016  (pdf

  • S. Battiato, G. M. Farinella, O. Giudice, G. Puglisi - Aligning Shapes for Symbol Classification and Retrieval - Springer, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume 75, Issue 10,  May 2016, Pages 5513-5531, 2016 (pdf)

  • G. M Farinella, D. Allegra, M.Moltisanti, F.Stanco, S. Battiato - Retrieval and Classification of Food Images - ElsevierComputers in Biology and Medicine, Volume 77, pp.23-39, 2016 (pdf)

  • A. Furnari, G. M. Farinella, S. Battiato, Recognizing Personal Locations from Egocentric Video - IEEE Transactions on Human Machine Systems, 2016 (in Press) (pdf)
  • A. Furnari, G. M. Farinella, A.R. Bruna, S. Battiato  - Affine Covariant Features for Fisheye Distortion Local Modelling - IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, (2016); (In Press) (pdf)

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