Accepted Papers

Study of cancer hallmarks relevance using a cellular automaton tumor growth model

Jose Santos Reyes and Angel Monteagudo

A Memetic Approach for the Max-Cut Problem

Qinghua Wu and Jin-Kao Hao

A Memetic Algorithm for Community Detection in Complex Networks

Olivier Gach and Jin-Kao Hao

An Improved Choice Function Heuristic Selection for Cross Domain Heuristic Search

John H. Drake, Ender Ozcan and Edmund K. Burke

Animal Spirits in Population Spatial Dynamics

Matylda Jablonska and Tuomo Kauranne

An Improved Multiobjectivization Strategy for HP Model-based Protein Structure Prediction

Mario Garza-Fabre, Eduardo Rodriguez-Tello and Gregorio Toscano-Pulido

An Evolutionary and Graph-based method for Image Segmentation

Alessia Amelio and Clara Pizzuti

Transfer Learning, Soft Distance-Based Bias, and the Hierarchical BOA

Martin Pelikan, Mark W. Hauschild and Pier Luca Lanzi

Convergence of the IGO-Flow of Isotropic Gaussian Distributions on Convex Quadratic Problems

Tobias Glasmachers

A Benchmark Generator for Dynamic Permutation-Encoded Problems

Michalis Mavrovouniotis, Shengxiang Yang and Xin Yao

Buildable Objects Revisited

Martin Waßmann and Karsten Weicker

Automatic Evaluation Methods in Evolutionary Music: An Example with Bossa Melodies

Alan Robert Resende De Freitas, Frederico Gadelha Guimaraes and Rogério Vasconcelos Barbosa

HappyCat - A Simple Function Class Where Well-Known Direct Search Algorithms Do Fail

Hans-Georg Beyer and Steffen Finck

Real-time GPU based Road Sign Detection and Classification

Roberto Ugolotti, Youssef S.G. Nashed and Stefano Cagnoni

A comparative study of three GPU-based metaheuristics

Youssef S. G. Nashed, Pablo Mesejo, Roberto Ugolotti, Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste and Stefano Cagnoni

Parallelization Strategies for Hybrid Metaheuristics using a Single GPU and Multi-core Resources

Thé Van Luong, Eric Taillard, Nouredine Melab and El-Ghazali Talbi

Reinforcement Learning with N-tuples on the Game Connect-4

Markus Thill, Patrick Koch and Wolfgang Konen

Efficient Sampling and Handling of Variance in Tuning Data Mining Models

Patrick Koch and Wolfgang Konen

A Hyper-Heuristic Classifier for One Dimensional Bin Packing Problems : Improving Classification Accuracy by Attribute Evolution

Kevin Sim, Emma Hart and Ben Paechter

A Genetic Programming Approach for Evolving Highly-Competitive General Algorithms for Envelope Reduction in Sparse Matrices

Behrooz Koohestani and Riccardo Poli

ACO on Multiple GPUs with CUDA for Faster Solution of QAPs

Shigeyoshi Tsutsui

Evolutionary 3D-Shape Segmentation using Satellite Seeds

Kai Engel and Heinrich Müller

Single Node Genetic Programming on Problems with Side Effects

David Jackson

Network Topology Planning Using MOEA/D with Objective-Guided Operators

Wei Peng and Qingfu Zhang

Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Island Models for the Set Cover Problem

Andrea Mambrini, Dirk Sudholt and Xin Yao

Acceleration of Evolutionary Image Filter Design Using Coevolution in Cartesian GP

Michaela Sikulova and Lukas Sekanina

A Spatial EA Framework for Parallelizing Machine Learning Methods

Uday Kamath, Johan Kaers, Amarda Shehu and Kenneth De Jong

Elitist Archiving for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms: To Adapt or Not To Adapt

Hoang Ngoc Luong and Peter A.N. Bosman

Competing Mutating Agents for Bayesian Network Structure Learning

Olivier Regnier-Coudert and John McCall

Collective Robot Navigation using Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Jonathan Mullins, Bernd Meyer and Aiguo Patrick Hu

A Parallel Cooperative Co-evolutionary Genetic Algorithm for the Composite SaaS Placement Problem in Cloud Computing

Maolin Tang and Zeratul Mohd Yusoh

A Meta-Learning Prediction Model of Algorithm Performance for Continuous Optimization Problems

Mario Andrés Muñoz, Michael Kirley and Saman Halgamuge

Enhancing Profitability Through Interpretability in Algorithmic Trading with a Multiobjective Evolutionary Fuzzy System

Adam Ghandar, Zbigniew Michalewicz and Ralf Zurbruegg

A Parameterized Runtime Analysis of Simple Evolutionary Algorithms for Makespan Scheduling

Andrew Sutton and Frank Neumann

Length Scale for Characterising Continuous Optimization Problems

Rachael Morgan and Marcus Gallagher

Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming

Alberto Moraglio, Krzysztof Krawiec and Colin Johnson

Experimental Supplements to the Computational Complexity Analysis of Genetic Programming for Problems Modelling Isolated Program Semantics

Tommaso Urli, Markus Wagner and Frank Neumann

Parsimony Pressure versus Multi-Objective Optimization for Variable Length Representations

Markus Wagner and Frank Neumann

An artificial bee colony algorithm for the unrelated parallel machines scheduling problem

Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Carlos García-Martínez, Christian Blum and Manuel Lozano

Pruning GP-Based classifier Ensembles by Bayesian Networks

Claudio De Stefano, Gianluigi Folino, Francesco Fontanella and Alessandra Scotto Di Freca

On Measures to Build Linkage Trees in LTGA

Peter Bosman and Dirk Thierens

Recombination of Similar Parents in SMS-EMOA on Many-Objective 0/1 Knapsack Problems

Hisao Ishibuchi, Naoya Akedo and Yusuke Nojima

ACO beats EA on a Dynamic Pseudo-Boolean Function

Timo Kötzing and Hendrik Molter

Evolving Femtocell Algorithms with Dynamic & Stationary Training Scenarios

Erik Hemberg, Lester Ho, Michael O'Neill and Holger Clausen

Compressed Network Complexity Search

Faustino Gomez, Jan Koutník and Jürgen Schmidhuber

Are State-of-the-art Fine-tuning Algorithms Able to Detect a Dummy Parameter?

Elizabeth Montero, María-Cristina Riff, Leslie Pérez-Cáceres and Carlos Coello

Differential Gene Expression with Tree-Adjunct Grammars

Eoin Murphy, Miguel Nicolau, Erik Hemberg, Michael O'Neill and Anthony Brabazon

Efficient Discovery of Chromatography Equipment Sizing Strategies for Antibody Purification Processes Using Evolutionary Computing

Richard Allmendinger, Ana S. Simaria and Suzanne S. Farid

Global equilibrium search algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems

Oleg Shylo, Dmytro Korenkevych and Panos Pardalos

Optimizing Cellular Automata through a Meta-model Assisted Memetic Algorithm

Donato D'Ambrosio, Rocco Rongo, William Spataro and Giuseppe A. Trunfio

Improving Lin-Kernighan-Helsgaun with Crossover on Clustered Instances of the TSP

Douglas Hains, Darrell Whitley and Adele Howe

Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithms and Extensions to the HyFlex Hyper-heuristic Framework

Gabriela Ochoa, James Walker, Matthew Hyde and Tim Curtois

Analysing the Effects of Diverse Operators in a Genetic Programming System

Minhyeok Kim, Robert Ian McKay, Kangil Kim and Xuan Hoai Nguyen

Quantitative Analysis of Locally Geometric Semantic Crossover

Krzysztof Krawiec and Tomasz Pawlak

Multi-Objective Optimization for Selecting and Scheduling Observations by Agile Earth Observing Satellites

Panwadee Tangpattanakul, Nicolas Jozefowiez and Pierre Lopez

Clustering criteria in multiobjective data clustering

Julia Handl and Joshua Knowles

Finding Good Affinity Patterns for Matchmaking Parties Assignment through Evolutionary Computation

Sho Kuroiwa, Keiichi Yasumoto, Yoshihiro Murata and Minoru Ito

On the Behaviour of the (1,λ)-σSA-ES for a Constrained Linear Problem

Dirk Arnold

Analyzing Module Usage in Grammatical Evolution

John Mark Swafford, Erik Hemberg, Michael O'Neill and Anthony Brabazon

A Hybrid Approach to Piecewise Modelling of Biochemical Systems

Zujian Wu, Shengxiang Yang and David Gilbert

Efficient Negative Selection Algorithms by Sampling and Approximate Counting

Johannes Textor

Local Optima Networks, Landscape Autocorrelation and Heuristic Search Performance

Francisco Chicano, Fabio Daolio, Gabriela Ochoa, Sébastien Vérel, Marco Tomassini and Enrique Alba

Bootstrapping Aggregate Fitness Selection with Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization

Shlomo Israel and Amiram Moshaiov

On Algorithm-Dependent Boundary Case Identification for Problem Classes

Chao Qian, Yang Yu and Zhi-Hua Zhou

Analyzing the Behaviour of Population-based Algorithms Using Rayleigh Distribution

Gabriel Luque and Enrique Alba

Controlling the Parameters of the Particle Swarm Optimization with a Self-Organized Criticality Model

Carlos Miguel Fernandes, Jj Merelo and Agostinho Da Rosa

Autonomous Shaping via Coevolutionary Selection of Training Experience

Marcin Szubert and Krzysztof Krawiec

A Framework to Hybridize PBIL and a Hyper-heuristic for Dynamic Environments

Gonul Uludag, Berna Kiraz, A. Sima Etaner-Uyar and Ender Ozcan

It’s Fate: A Self-Organising Evolutionary Algorithm

Jan Bim, Giorgos Karafotias, S.K. Smit, A.E. Eiben and Evert Haasdijk

On the Anytime Behavior of IPOP-CMA-ES

Manuel López-Ibáñez, Tianjun Liao and Thomas Stützle

Alternative Restart Strategies for CMA-ES

Ilya Loshchilov, Marc Schoenauer and Michele Sebag

Temporal Evolution of Design Principles in Engineering Systems: Analogies with Human Evolution

Kalyanmoy Deb, Sunith Bandaru and Cem Celal Tutum

MOEA/D with Iterative Thresholding Algorithm for Sparse Optimization Problems

Hui Li, Xiao Lei Su, Zong Ben Xu and Qingfu Zhang

An Empirical Evaluation for O(1) Approximate Steepest Descent for NK-Landspaces

Darrell Whitley, Wenxiang Chen and Adele Howe

On spectral invariance of Randomized Hessian and Covariance Matrix Adaptation schemes

Sebastian Urban Stich and Christian Lorenz Müller

A Spanning Tree-based Encoding of the MAX CUT Problem for Evolutionary Search

Kisung Seo, Soohwan Hyun, and Yong-Hyuk Kim

Exploiting Prior Information in Multi-Objective Route Planning

Antony Waldock and David Corne

Convergence of the Continuous Time Trajectories of Isotropic Evolution Strategies on Monotonic C^2-composite Functions

Youhei Akimoto, Anne Auger and Nikolaus Hansen

On-line Evolution of Controllers for Aggregating Swarm Robots in Changing Environments

Berend Weel, Mark Hoogendoorn and A.E. Eiben

Variable Neighborhood Search and GRASP for Three-Layer Hierarchical Ring Network Design

Christian Schauer and Günther R. Raidl

Between Selfishness and Altruism: Fuzzy Nash-Berge-Zhukovskii Equilibrium

Réka Nagy, Noémi Gaskó, Rodica Ioana Lung and D. Dumitrescu

Cumulative Step-size Adaptation on Linear Functions

Alexandre Chotard, Anne Auger and Nikolaus Hansen

Runtime Analysis of Simple Interactive Evolutionary Biobjective Optimization Algorithms

Dimo Brockhoff, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Boris Naujoks and Günter Rudolph

A Study on Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization with Fuzzy Approximation for Computational Expensive Problems

Alessandro Di Nuovo, Giuseppe Ascia and Vincenzo Catania

Generalized Compressed Network Search

Rupesh Kumar Srivastava, Jürgen Schmidhuber and Faustino Gomez

An Empirical Comparison of CMA-ES in Dynamic Environments

Chun-Kit Au and Ho-Fung Leung

Analysis on Population Size and Neighborhood Recombination on Many-Objective Optimization

Naoya Kowatari, Akira Oyama, Hernan Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka

Block Diagonal Natural Evolution Strategies

Giuseppe Cuccu and Faustino Gomez

Tailoring ε-MOEA to Concept-based Problems

Amiram Moshaiov and Yafit Snir

Extracting Key Gene Regulatory Dynamics for the Direct Control of Mechanical Systems

Jean Krohn and Denise Gorse

The Effect of the Set of Low-level Heuristics on the Performance of Selection Hyper-heuristics

Mustafa Misir, Katja Verbeeck, Patrick De Causmaecker and Greet Vanden Berghe

Community Detection Using Cooperative Co-evolutionary Differential Evolution

Qiang Huang, Guanbo Jia, Thomas White, Mirco Musolesi, Nil Turan, Ke Tang, Shan He, John K. Heath and Xin Yao

Enhancing Learning Capabilities by XCS with Best Action Mapping

Masaya Nakata, Pier Luca Lanzi and Keiki Takadama

Guide Objective Assisted Particle Swarm Optimization and its Application to History Matching

Alan Reynolds, Asaad Abdollahzadeh, David Corne, Mike Christie, Brian Davies and Glyn Williams

The Apiary Topology: Emergent Behavior in Communities of Particle Swarms

Andrew McNabb and Kevin Seppi

Evolvability Analysis of the Linkage Tree Genetic Algorithm

Dirk Thierens and Peter Bosman

An Evolutionary Optimization Approach for Bulk Material Blending Systems

Michael P. Cipold, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Claus C. Bachmann, Kaibin Bao and Hartmut Schmeck

Beware the Parameters: Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Applied to Circles in a Square Packing

Marcus Gallagher

Using Expert Knowledge to Guide Covering and Mutation in a Michigan Style Learning Classifier System to Detect Epistasis and Heterogeneity

Ryan Urbanowicz, Delaney Granizo-Mackenzie and Jason Moore

Applying Genetic Regulatory Networks to Index Trading

Miguel Nicolau, Michael O'Neill and Anthony Brabazon

Controlling Overfitting in Symbolic Regression based on a Bias/Variance Error Decomposition

Alexandros Agapitos

Benchmarking CHC on a New Application: The Software Project Scheduling Problem

Javier Matos and Enrique Alba

A Multi-Parent Search Operator for Bayesian Network Building

David Iclanzan

Adaptive Operator Selection at the Hyper Level

Eduardo Krempser, Álvaro Fialho and Helio Barbosa

Variable Transformations in Estimation of Distribution Algorithms

Davide Cucci, Luigi Malagò and Matteo Matteucci