Computation for Design, Optimization & Systems Biology

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The Man's Evolution

Research Interests


Biological Circuit Design

This research project focuses on the application of algorithms, mathematical methods and engineering principles to the design, analysis, optimization, implementation, and programming of biological systems, and on the discovery and application of new engineering and computational principles inspired by the properties of biological systems.


Structural Bioinformatics

  • protein structure prediction;
  • protein folding;
  • protein robustness.
A recent review paper published by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, G. Helles,(2008; 5(21): 387--396) ranks our I-PAES algorithm among the best state-of-art folding algorithm; in fact, I-PAES ( is the 3rd-4th best folding algorithm (see tables 1 and 2 of the paper).
V. Cutello, G. Narzisi, G. Nicosia,A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Approach to the Protein Structure Prediction Problem, J. of the Royal Society Interface, 3(6):139-151, 2006.

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Learning in the Natural and Artificial Immune Systems

  • learning during primary and secondary response of the immune system;
  • pattern recognition by clonal election principle;
  • clonal selection algorithms and immunological algorithms.

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Electronic Design Automation - EDA/CAD

  • circuit and device design;
  • circuit sizing;
  • design for yield.


Numerical and Combinatorial Optimization


Giuseppe Nicosia, Associate Professor of Computer Engineering.

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